About Us

Lance Schuttler is the Owner and CEO of Ascent Nutrition, a nutrition and wellness company with the mission of offering deeply transformative and helpful nutrients to as many people as possible and to help bring about a great collective shift in human consciousness and health.

Having graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Health Science, Lance brings deep experience within the health and wellness fields, as well as a well rounded perspective of the nutraceutical industry.

Lance has worked in the three major areas of this industry and saw many inefficiencies and short cuts that were and still are being taken by many in this field.

His passion for research, brain health, neurogenesis, nutrition and biohacking led him to begin Ascent Nutrition, which sources rare and hard to find nutrients that can actually be felt by those using the products.

It is Ascent Nutrition’s mission to provide the most unique supplements and health solutions that nature has to offer.

A portion of profits are donated to holistic healing programs at certain crisis centers that help people and animals in their healing process from various forms of trauma.


Zane Sampson - Ascent Nutrition

Zane Sampson - Operations Director 
Zane has been a team member at Ascent Nutrition since 2020. Zane chooses to work with Ascent Nutrition to further pursue a lifelong passion to help make better health and nutrition available to everyone.  He enjoys hiking and adventuring through the mountains, coasts and forests of the world.
Shanna McGhee Ascent Nutrition
Shanna McGhee - Marketing Coordinator
Shanna's passion in business is creating customer value at the heart of all operations, which stems from 20+ yrs in customer service and management. She favors spending time with her amazing family, making others smile, and you can usually find her on the weekends working on a vehicle in their shop. When she learned about the premium quality and care that’s put into making our Ascent Nutritional Supplements, she was fully on board with joining the Ascent family.
Tony Web Developer Ascent Nutrition
Tony Pallotta - Technology Coordinator
Tony is responsible for making sure our website is always humming along nice and smooth. And that users are enjoying their experience. When not working on websites, Tony loves working on himself, doing endurance events. He’s run as far as 200 miles but taking a step back and focusing on hundreds for a bit. He’s also working on dialing in that optimum diet and supplement balance.